Young adult author Gayle Forman’s emotional novel If I Stay hung on a teenage coma victim’s choice between sticking around on Earth and passing on to the other side. I guess the fact that Forman has written a sequel hints a bit at that book’s ultimate decision. Here’s an exclusive first look at the cover for that upcoming sequel. Where She Went will be set three years after the events of If I Stay and will focus on Mia, the protagonist, and her life amongst the living as she meets up with her former boyfriend, Adam, for the first time in years.

The first book had a lot of “will-this-be-the-next-Twilight” buzz surrounding it when it came out, and none other than Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke had been attached at one point. The movie’s still in the works and is set to start filming next year. That, combined with Where She Went’s April 4, 2011 publication date, should make it a big year for the series.

Anyone a big fan of the first book? How do you feel about a sequel? And are you digging the cover?