By Jessica Shaw
Updated August 22, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT


I’m not sure what was more disturbing tonight: Lane’s bizarre taunting of a 300-plus pound barbell or Ragan, a man who has a PhD I might add, saying a Rachel-inspired drink would actually be made of “silicone, nasty hair extensions, and just a dash of chin acne.” Now, I did a little jig when Rachel was voted off too, but his hostile remarks have just gone a little too far. Of course, I feel for the guy. Ragan is going to have to reassess every acquaintance he ever thought was a good person after he rewatches this season. He basically thinks Matt, one of the slimier contestants this show has produced, is the second coming. On the plus side, his tears finally worked in his favor during the Have-and-Have-Not competition.

But let’s talk about what all of us not living in another time zone are thinking about: Did Britney nominate the right people? If you haven’t seen the show, there are spoilers ahead so now’s a good time to read about Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer’s wedding. Okay. I think Enzo was a fine choice and her excuse/reasoning (rather, Matt’s excuse/reasoning) that he’d never been on the block was perfect. But Brendan? The guy has no friends in the jury house except for Rachel and has no allies inside the house. Why vote him out? And even if you do want him out, back door him! Now a guy who’s proven himself to be a strong competitor will play for the power of veto. If she hadn’t put him up, he might not have played for the veto and every single other person would have used the veto, paving the way for the perfect back door scenario. Silly Britney. In the end, I’m hoping a brigade member goes home and I have to assume that Matt, the self-described “diabolical genius” will see that Enzo leaving (assuming he doesn’t win the veto) is the only wise move. What did you all think? Did Britney mess up? Will you have nightmares about Britney’s tiara photo tonight or will you, like Matt, be dreaming of a shirtless Hayden? But before you go off to snooze-land, don’t forget to check out the hilarious Dalton Ross and his interview with Kathy in the video player below.