By Simon Vozick-Levinson
Updated August 21, 2010 at 06:06 PM EDT
Michael Gibson/IFC

Image Credit: Michael Gibson/IFCThe Kids in the Hall are back! Death Comes to Town, the Canadian goofballs’ first full project together since 1996’s Brain Candy, debuted its first two episodes on IFC last night. (The eight-part miniseries already aired up North earlier this year.) Death Comes to Town is structured as a murder mystery, featuring the five Kids in multiple roles, in and out of drag, as the residents of backwater Shuckton, Ontario. So how was it?

The first two episodes introduced a handful of very funny characters, most notably Mark McKinney as a paunchy, codpieced, bicycle-riding Grim Reaper, Bruce McCulloch as Shuckton’s preening, deluded mayor, Dave Foley as his hard-drinking wife, and Kevin McDonald as a loopy pizza delivery employee. In a running subplot, McKinney and Scott Thompson play rivals at the local news station — it’s somewhat amusing, if generally sub-Anchorman. There were lots of other characters introduced, but honestly, not too many of them have clicked for me yet. Still, it was fun to see the Kids doing their thing all together again.

Did you catch Death Comes to Town last night? Planning on tuning in again next week? Is it up to the standard of the Kids’ best work? Sound off in the comments.

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