Image Credit: Everett CollectionRay Bradbury, the venerable sci-fi titan, turns 90 this Sunday. Most know Bradbury for his dystopian book-burning bonanza Fahrenheit 451 and his short story collections The Martian Chronicles and The Illustrated Man. Or perhaps you remember him for his creepy carnival novel Something Wicked This Way Comes or for popularizing the time-travel concept of the “butterfly effect” in his story “A Sound of Thunder.” For me, he’ll always be the man who taught me the real meaning of Halloween.

Pretty much the best thing about his Wikipedia page is the description of a formative incident in his childhood when “a carnival entertainer, Mr. Electrico, touched him on the nose with an electrified sword, made his hair stand on end, and shouted, ‘Live forever!’” Judging by the man’s subsequent longevity, it seems to have worked. Any big Bradbury fans out there? I mean, other than this girl (Warning: N-particularly-SFW.) Anyone planning on reading or re-reading something of his to celebrate his birthday?