By Julie Chen
Updated August 20, 2010 at 04:31 PM EDT


Wow, what a night! Matt shocks the house by using the Diamond Power of Veto, pulling himself off the block and putting up Kathy. Kathy sits motionless as her fate is determined in a Live vote that results in a unanimous eviction of 5-0 — thus concluding one of the most exciting weeks this season. Why Kathy you ask? It could have simply been a numbers game or she might have fallen victim to the speculation that she was the “Saboteur.”

But first…let’s recap what led us to this point.

Brendon avenges his ousted lady by out-roping his enemies en route to a victory in this week’s HOH. His first order of business is putting Lane and Ragan on the block. Ragan shows his grit by capturing this week’s POV. Rachel re-enters the house anticipating a reunion with Brendon, but instead discovers Brendon has left the house courtesy of “Pandora’s Box.” Rachel leaves a pretzel message for Brendon, but inadvertently adds to the “Saboteur” speculation surrounding Kathy. Ragan saves himself in the POV meeting — Brendon then puts Matt up on the block, but Matt remains calm as he’s secretly holding the Diamond Power of Veto. Which brings us back to Kathy.

I spoke with Kathy after the show tonight and she was clearly shocked by her swift and sudden departure. However, she told me that she felt as if something was off this entire week, chalking it up to a gut instinct. She added that she was disappointed to have left the game, but pleased that she was able to survive in the house for this long with her morals intact. She also told me that the one thing she will take away from this experience is a new appreciation for her family and her hometown. I personally think she handled a disappointing scenario with a lot of class.

Moving on to this week…I can’t believe Britney is the last woman standing! I would have never predicted that earlier in the season. Following her victory this evening in the HOH competition, my initial thought was that Brendon is toast unless he’s able to capture the POV. However, after further consideration, it could be an interesting strategy for Britney to keep Brendon in the game. Why not keep someone around that everyone truly dislikes in hopes of taking that person to the end to make it an easy decision for the jurors? Its game play 101…keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Look for a crazy week ahead as alliances could be restructured – namely the “Brigade.”


*When Rachel returns to Vegas she should run – not walk – to the nearest pit boss for a lesson in knowing when to fold em. Clearly she had no idea she was squaring off with a college professor who makes his living giving lectures, but you would think after their first heated exchange she would have reconsidered coming back for more. Conversely, I’m sure Ragan took pride in leaving Rachel speechless, but it’s safe to say he’s down one juror vote.

*Lane, Enzo and Hayden could be forced to do some serious schmoozing this week as the balance of the “Brigade” lies in Matt’s reaction to knowing Enzo and Hayden actively selected to keep Lane instead of him. Does the “Brigade” remain four strong or will they split apart and start fending for themselves? Matt thinks he’s smarter than everyone else in the house while Enzo and Hayden doubt their ability to beat Matt in the end. What do you think? Comments please!

*How classic was the Zingbot 3000? My favorite zing was “Hayden, Justin Bieber just called…he wants his hairdo back. Zing. Zing. Zing.”

*Kudos to Ragan (and the fans who voted for Ragan) for a terrific stint inside the house as this season’s second “Saboteur.”


*Matt’s thoughts on campaigning: “I want to sleep the day away, sleep the night away and wake up on death row and see what happens.”

*Ragan on life inside the house: “I’m in a prison of starvation and heterosexuality.”

*Enzo to Matt: “You just got ‘sabobitched.'”

That’s it for this week. I haven’t looked forward to a week inside the house this much in awhile. I’m dying to see how Brendon responds to Britney calling the shots and what happens with the “Brigade” now that we’re starting to see some kinks in their armor. See you next Thursday for our double elimination!

Check out our exit interview with Kathy below!