By Archana Ram
Updated August 20, 2010 at 07:39 PM EDT
Credit: NBC
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To say Gordon Ramsay, the chef/host on Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen and Masterchef, is a sweet gentleman is like saying Sofia Vergara is a homely woman with a dumpy wardrobe. Clearly both are false: Ramsay’s MO is a mixture of screaming, profanities, and screaming profanities, while Vergara is Modern Family‘s hot-to-trot sexy mama. So when the two came together as guests on last night’s Tonight Show (a rerun of an episode I missed a few weeks back), it was a bit jarring to see classic Ramsay behavior. Instead of being mildly amused by his attitude, I was full-out annoyed. Between making sexual references toward Vergara, making fun of her son’s name, and at one point “playfully” slapping Vergara (1:42 in the second clip), I was really turned off. And yes, I’m glad Jay Leno stepped in to defend the actress, but he didn’t help the situation all that much. Was making fun of Vergara’s accent (“coooookies”) the best he could think of? Take a gander at the interview in the clip below.

Some of you may say she’s asking for the sexual innuendo with her skin-tight dress, but that’s WEAK. Back off with the lewdness, Ramsay. Am I the only one bugging out here? What do you guys think of clips?

Photo: NBC

Hell to the No!

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