By Annie Barrett
Updated August 19, 2010 at 08:38 PM EDT

Funny or Die is going all long-form on us. The Big Dog, a classic tale of an overzealous pizza careerist (Charlie Sanders) trying to impress his boss (Bob Odenkirk), is its first “longish short.” Is it long or is it short? Should it be in quotes or italics? Am I still alive or am I burning in psychedelic pizza hell? If you can make it until the bitter/burger end, brag about it in the comments and share one thing you learned from “The Big Dog.” I’ll start.

1. Pepperoni pizza phone could be the new duck phone (which was the new cheeseburger phone), or maybe not.

2. People like dogs!

3. The pizza clock at Famous Andy’s is the same as the one at NYC’s Bleecker Street Pizza!

4. Rich Sommer might actually be from the 1960s.

5. “BTW” can also mean “back to work.”

6. I will never stash extra garlic dipping sauce in my fridge again.

7. Yes I will.

Your turn.

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