The former Friends star finds a new ensemble

By Jennifer Armstrong
Updated August 19, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT
Michael Desmond/ABC

Yes, Courteney Cox, as divorced Realtor Jules, is at first on the prowl for boy toys, but she’s at her best when surrounded by her makeshift family—her teen son (Dan Byrd), her cad neighbor (Josh Hopkins), the couple next door (Christa Miller and Ian Gomez), her slacker ex (Brian Van Holt), and her wild co-worker (Busy Philipps)—and buoyed by the wine that is ever flowing. Over time, the show evolves from a frantic farce into a cozy home for misfit talents: Byrd’s perfect understatement, Hopkins’ goofy sex appeal, Philipps’ brassy trashiness. The EXTRAS work hard to underscore this point, anchored by a doc called “Taming Cougar Town,” but the point is taken: Ignore the terrible title and you’ll find a solid ensemble comedy at its pinot-soaked center. B+