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Our annual Sci-Fi Hotties gallery honors a tradition of gorgeous genre gals that stretches back from the supermodel multiples of Battlestar Galactica through Princess Leia’s golden bikini all the way to the dawn of cinema, when Georges Méliès wisely opted to dress a bunch of girls in sailor outfits in A Trip to the Moon. This year, in a close race that included ageless genre vet Milla Jovovich and Tron Legacy‘s robo-vamp Olivia Wilde, readers crowned an unexpected victor: Alessandra Torresani of Caprica seized a thwomping lead. (A little bit of campaigning on Twitter always helps, of course: hope you’re taking notes, Cotillard!) EW talked to the star about the joys of being a geek goddess, the eternal lure of Twitter, and (fingers crossed!) the possibility of a second season for Caprica. (Mild spoilers ahead.)

Congratulations on utterly destroying the competition. I don’t know if you’ve seen the current standings in the poll…

I think it’s like 70 percent.

You pretty much trounced everybody.

It’s kind of amazing. (Laughs) It’s all because of the fans. Without them, it wouldn’t have happened. I actually found out through a fan that it was up there.

What’s your relationship like with the fans?

They know that I’m very comfortable talking to them. I’m not one of those celebrities that wants nothing to do with them. They’re the reason I am what I am. So I have lots of respect for them. I’ll take a picture with anyone. I was the biggest ‘N Sync and Britney Spears fan, and I would have been traumatized if they ever said no to a picture. I think Comic-Con was the best, though. At the end of the day, we would walk around and have one-on-one encounters with all the fans of Caprica. They would tell us all their stories. It was so touching to actually be there and be able to see their honest reaction. Not just a bulls***computer.

Ballpark: how often do you tweet per day?

I don’t know, it’s embarrassing. Probably like 20 times. It’s on my BlackBerry, so it’s quite convenient. I love taking pictures. I love hearing fans say, “Take a picture behind the scenes.” And then I do it, and the creators of the show are like, “You f***ing idiot, why did you do that? You just gave away the whole plot.” And I’m like, “Sorry!” They won’t let me bring my phone on set, because they know trouble’s gonna happen.

What’s coming up next for Caprica? The show’s currently slated to return in January.

That’s the back 10 episodes. We’re still waiting on season 2. But…[conspiratorially] do you wanna know about season 1.5?

Maybe just a hint. That mid-season finale seemed like a real gamechanger. It’s not even clear who’s still alive.

Well, I’ll tell you, not everyone comes back. I come back as probably five different people. We’ve already introduced Zoe-Robot, Zoe-Avatar, and Rachel…. Oh my god, I said the wrong person. (Laughs) Regular Zoe! So that’s already four different Zoes. I think we have two or three more. I always forget, and then everyone gets mad at me because I say the wrong number.

As an actor, what’s it like for you to be going back and forth between the different characters?

They are all versions of the same idea. It was probably the most challenging role that I’ve taken on. The coolest thing that was done so far is a scene in the back 10: three of me, no one else. That was intense. Thank god I had this amazing stand-in who knew all my lines, because literally, I’d be talking to a wall. I’ve done the twin thing, but three different characters?

Van Damme had his twin movie, Schwarzenegger had his clone movie, and now you’ve got three of you onscreen.

I know. Who needs to book anyone else?

Since a second season is still up in the air, could these last 10 episodes wrap up the narrative on their own?

It would be really disappointing if it didn’t go to a second season. At Comic-Con, [executive producers] Ron Moore and David Eick sat us all down, and [told us] probably the most genius second-season plan I have ever heard. It would be mind-blowing to me if we didn’t get to do that, because there’s so much more to tap in. There are so many secrets that no one knows about, that only [Moore and Eick] do. I would be disappointed if we didn’t go to a second season, because the back ten explain a lot.

When the show first debuted, there were all those advertisements of you holding the apple…

I know, isn’t that weird?

What was it like being the face of a show?

I didn’t even think about it! We shot that probably a month before it came out. I just thought that it was for a DVD. I had no, no idea that it was going to be…. My mom calls me and is like, “When you come back to LA I have a surprise for you.” I knew that billboards were up, but I didn’t know which ones. We went on a drive, and I was on the side of nine-story building. Like, casually nine stories tall. That was the weirdest thing. I would just wave to it. It was the biggest joke among my friends. But who else is going to be able to say that they’re 23 years old, with a billboard of them all over the world. I was in London in the Tube. I mean, everywhere! So, no matter what, I take that from the show. That’s enough for me. A huge career-booster.

What other upcoming projects are you working on now?

We’re kind of in limbo with Caprica. There’s a few things in the works, but it all depends what happens in the next two weeks. All these things are lined up, but if Caprica is like, “Can’t do it!” I’ll be like, “All right.” Caprica‘s so worth it.

So Syfy will come to a decision in the next couple of weeks?

Yeah. The waiting game is so annoying.

Are there any dream projects that you’d love to be involved in?

People always ask me that, and I’m like, “How can I pinpoint it?” For sure I’d want to work with Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth as soon as possible.

What’s your favorite Tarantino film?

I love Reservoir Dogs, but…[sound of chewing] I’m eating Gummi Bears. I don’t know why I’m eating Gummi Bears. [laughs] You probably can’t understand me right now.

What’s your favorite Gummi Bear?

Red, of course. Or pineapple, I like the pineapple. [laughs] But yeah, I definitely want to work with Quentin. And I just love Eli Roth, he’s doing all these great horror films that are coming out. The Last Exorcism. They’re just so fun.

Are you a big horror movie nut?

Huge. Huge. Huge. Favorite genre, for sure. I like the slapstick. Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects are good examples of films I like. That old-school ’70s feel, where it’s kind of slapstick, but kind of gross. The comedic writing in it, I think, takes over the movie. It’s a comedy with blood.

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