By Annie Barrett
August 17, 2010 at 03:39 PM EDT
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Reality TV staple Tila Tequila, who was attacked by angry fans of the hip-hop group Insane Clown Posse at last weekend’s Gathering of the Juggalos festival, told E! Online she plans to sue the festival’s organizers. Tequila says concert-goers pelted her with rocks, bottles, and human excrement as she performed Saturday. “If you just look at these people, or monsters, whatever they are, they looked very angry and violent,” Tequila says.

CNN has obtained footage shot by comedian Tom Green, another performer on the scene, that shows Tequila remaining onstage and being shielded by bodyguards. Green told CNN a mob of hundreds chased Tequila from the stage and surrounded her trailer, then rocked the trailer and smashed its windows.

E!’s interview with Tequila and CNN’s footage of her performance are embedded after the jump.

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