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Image Credit: Robert Ascroft/USA NetworkComcast Corp., the nation’s largest cable company, has released the results of its annual “TV Pulse Survey” on TV time-shifting. Not surprisingly, the practice is increasing. Among the 1,000 randomly-selected participants, 62 percent now reported having watched primetime shows through technologies that include the DVR, VOD (video-on-demand) and Internet, and 61 percent of viewers said they were time-shifting programs more than they did a year ago. More interestingly, Comcast said on-demand orders of TV shows now surpass movies.

We’ve covered DVR usage a lot on PopWatch (so we’ll just let the poll below do the talking), but let’s discuss how we, the ones so devoted to TV that we’ve named our DVRs and our Slankets, use on demand…. Personally, I usually forget TV shows are there until I’m bored on a Saturday afternoon and Peter (my DVR) is empty. Then, I’ll click Free On Demand and do a marathon. That’s how I first got into Mad Men (I watched a season 1 marathon before the second season premiere), and it’s how I’m now watching USA’s Covert Affairs. I can’t actually tell you its regular time slot, but I watched three episodes last weekend (after having previously caught the first two that way). It’s like I can live without Christopher Gorham — until I see him. I love that they made his character, a blind CIA handler, a total chick magnet because he totally would be.

Your turn. Do you use on demand? How? My personal pet peeve: Networks that won’t let you fast-forward through their shows (cough, NBC).

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