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Image Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC A house divided! The game play has quickly kicked up a notch or two in Bachelor Pad this week. Before we dive into that hot tub I want to share some more good news with you this week. A couple weeks ago we all watched as Ali and Roberto got engaged; well, this week I learned about a couple more engagements in our Bachelor/Bachelorette family. Former Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas and former contestant Holly Durst got engaged to the Stagliano twins. DeAnna is engaged to Stephen and Holly to season five contestant Michael. From what I understand they are planning a double wedding this spring. I consider all four of them friends and we’ve been waiting for this good news for awhile now (no offense, boys). I’m very happy for all of them, wish them all the best and can’t wait for the wedding!

I really want to start talking about this week’s Bachelor Pad from the end and work my way back, because if you watched the previews for next week you saw Wes with his guitar singing “love don’t come easy” to Gia. I don’t think any of us are able to wait a week to see that unfold, but alas we will have to. This week started out like last week ended, with Elizabeth playing games and manipulating the situation. I would love to get your opinion of Elizabeth. Is she crazy — or is she crazy like a fox? Or, as she put it best, is she a “dumb smart girl”? That was easily my favorite line from this week’s episode. Say what you will about Elizabeth, but bottom line she is in control of this game and the guys (especially Kovacs). She has absolutely imposed her will on this house. It will be interesting to see how long she can keep it going. The main thing we learned this week is that Bachelor Pad is really high school all over again. Within a matter of days the house has been completely divided between the insiders, or “cool kids,” and the outsiders, or “others” as they’ve been called.

This week’s challenge was easily one of the grossest things I’ve ever witnessed. First of all, I tasted the pie, if that’s what it really was, and it was disgusting. I was amazed at how the women went after it during their contest. I figured they would just mail it in and not go for it, but I was dead wrong. They absolutely put the guys to shame. In the guys’ defense, after sitting around watching the girls eat, gag and puke their way through the contest, I have no idea how they even sat down in front of a pie. Gia and Weatherman won the prize and were safe from elimination. Even at this early stage you can already tell, winning the competitions is so valuable. During the competition we got our first glimpse of the partnership/relationship between Gia and Wes. Things took a step further on the date, where Wes spilled his guts and admitted he has serious feelings for Gia. This relationship is compelling on many levels: First of all, Gia has a boyfriend back home and is having to deal with the fact that she clearly has feelings for Wes. Secondly, Gia completely sabotaged her own plan by following her heart and not her head by giving Wes the rose instead of saving Craig M. It was ironic that after she admonished the Weatherman for thinking with his “emotions” Gia did the exact same thing and turned the house and the game upside down. It was also incredibly ironic that in the end the Weatherman and Craig M needed each other to survive. Just goes to show, the Bachelor Pad is a strange place.

After seeing Wes and the way he is in the house and the way he is with Gia, I’m interested to hear your opinions. Is he sincere? Have you changed your mind about him? Do you now see what Jillian saw in him during her season? Because Gia gave Wes the rose, the night of the rose ceremony was crazy. I think the vote and strategy changed three times that night alone. Everybody was running around looking for cover — that is, everybody except Elizabeth, who threatened a few people, pulled a few strings and got exactly what she wanted. Despite Gia’s mistake in not saving Craig M, the outsiders still had a solid plan and had it all figured out, but they didn’t count on one thing: Deep down inside, whether they’ll admit it or not, the outsiders want to be accepted and be a part of the insiders. With very little effort Kiptyn was able to play on Nikki’s emotions and turn her against the others she had just promised her vote to. If Kiptyn had been voted out, the outsiders would have had complete control of the house. Instead they have all been exposed and now they have to find new alliances and figure out a way to survive. The only thing more shocking than the vote this week was my tie/shirt combo at this week’s rose ceremony. I think this outfit is like fine art; it won’t be truly appreciated until I’m long dead and gone. The previews for next week gave you a small glimpse of what’s to come, including Wes serenading Gia with the same song he sang to Jillian. No need to thank me for getting “love don’t come easy” stuck in your head again! Please leave your comments below, and remember you can always get in touch with me via facebook or twitter @chrisbharrison.

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