August 16, 2010 at 07:25 PM EDT

Image Credit: The CWTyra Banks and America’s Next Top Model have taken some heat in the last few days after a promo for cycle 15 showed Tyra and the judges gushing over contestant Ann’s incredibly small waist. Banks posted a statement today apologizing for the commercial, writing in part:

On behalf of the entire Top Model team, I am truly sorry for the style in which the Top Model promo clip was presented. Like all of my projects, I am extremely involved in America’s Next Top Model from casting the final contestants to conceptualizing the episode challenges, but with all the work and details that go into producing a TV show, I can’t be 100 places at once (although I try), but it’s just impossible for me to see everything that’s created before it’s released to all of you!  That being said I can assure you – that cut has been removed from the CW airwaves, and the message conveyed in that video was NOT intentional, and is certainly not Top Model– or Tyra-approved.  The Top Model team is extremely talented and truly enjoys creating fun, engaging promos and episodes for you. The team really wants to entertain you, while promoting and embracing multiple forms of beauty. Sometimes in the quest to have fun in a limited amount of time, especially in a 20-second promo, our overarching message can be misconstrued, and in this case it most certainly was.

To the people who see me as a representation of upholding the fact that beauty comes in all sizes, I personally apologize. The jokes of my fellow judges connected with my edited sound bite sounded like I was supporting unhealthy eating habits. This has never and will NEVER be the case – I am and will always be committed to promoting healthy body image.

Do I wish Banks would take a harder stance against bodysnarking, and say she’d stop using a vocabulary of “flaws” to describe people’s bodies? Sure. (Remember in the petite season when she kept praising the girls for looking taller? Yeah.) As long-time Top Model devotee and regular Tyra snarker, it’s hard for me to admit this, but… this is still a pretty damn good apology.

What do you think PopWatchers? Does this make you more or less likely to watch the new season?

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