By Michael Ausiello
August 16, 2010 at 05:39 PM EDT

Image Credit: FoxHouse fans who have been following the show’s app-only spin-off series, Nurse Jeffrey, for the past 13 weeks are in for a treat: Tonight’s finale features a cameo by the Queen of Princeton Plainsboro herself, Lisa Edelstein!

“Jeffrey gets caught by Cuddy,” reveals executive producer (and Nurse Jeffrey brainchild) Katie Jacobs. “Instead of bringing House down, he’s forced by HR to take a six-week unpaid vacation. It all comes full circle.”

And let there be no mistake: That really is Edelstein in the appisode. “We’re crafty about the way we show her because we want you to think it’s done on the down low,” says Jacobs, “but it is Lisa.”

Previously, only folks who downloaded the inHouse iPhone/iPad app had access to Nurse Jeffrey. But starting tonight at 8 pm/ET, all 13 appisodes will be available on Fox’s website. And moving forward, select House season 7 app content will also be featured on after a one-week exclusivity period on iPhone/iPad.

Might Nurse Jeffrey be back for a second cycle next summer? “I haven’t figured that out yet,” admits Jacobs. “But Jeffrey’s determined not to give up. There’s a voice inside of him that knows House is just wrong and should be taken to task on some of these things. But unfortunately he’s not successful the first go-round.”