Image Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBSI’ve yet to understand what makes a knucklehead like Brendon tick and unfortunately, tonight’s episode didn’t make it any more clear for me. (SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read on if you haven’t watched tonight’s episode). Though I was tickled to see him triumph over that exhaustive rope maze – because let’s be honest, it’s far more interesting when the house is turned on its head after each eviction and the bad guy becomes HOH – I had no idea why he zeroed in Lane and Ragan for eviction rather than the lippy Britney. Clearly, she managed to convince Brendon that she had his back going into the veto ceremony and next week’s nominations, though there’s not a chance in hell that little minx will keep her word. And why go after the relatively harmless Lane, who doesn’t even realize that the cereal in Raisin Bran is the freaking bran? My only thought was that Brendon’s real target was Matt, and the best way to oust the house’s cockiest tool is to backdoor him on Wednesday.

But first, let’s recap that excruciating challenge – what I like to think was a homage to John Kirhoffer, the crafty dude who thinks up all the swell contests on Survivor. Dang, that had to be one of the hardest, most strenous challenges in Big Brother history. Major props to Brendon here, who was clearly hopped on the power of love, or else he would have been holding up the rear like Kathy (who continues to inexplicably float under the radar despite her being a useless bag of useless uselessness). No one seemed close to beating Brendon, least of all Capt. Meow Meow, who purported to be “a clean cat who doesn’t want to get dirty.” After figuratively thumping his chest and shouting declarations like “All we wanted to do was be happy and in love!” and “This is for you, Rach,” Brendon immediately sought vengeance by choosing Ragan, Matt and Britney as the week’s have-nots (enjoy your eggplant and escargo, suckas!). At that point, I knew that Ragan and Britney were goners, fer sure.

That’s when things got screwy. Though she could hardly hide her disdain while seeing his HOH room, Britney managed to convince Brendon that she was a person he could trust – despite having made this specious promise after he called her to his room. Yet Brendon completely overlooked how Ragan took the initiative and proposed a secret alliance – a pretty shrewd idea, considering the public fallout they had last week and how Meow Meow and Hayden would never see something like that coming. Bad, knucklehead Brendon. Bad!

Was there any smart decision in the house tonight? I’d like to say that Ragan, as the saboteur, was wily to perpetuate the still-unverified rumor that lifelong friends continue to exist in the house – thus putting a cloud of suspicion around Kathy and Britney. But a lot of good it did: The hens are safe for now. A maddening night in all. What do you think? Do you think Brendon made the right nominations? Is Matt smart to saddle up to Ragan? Could you subsist on eggplant and escargo? And if you didn’t see Tanner Stransky’s excellent exit interview with Rachel, make sure to check it out by clicking here. I’ll be your bran if you be my raisin on Twitter @ewlynette!

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