By Lynette Rice
August 15, 2010 at 02:52 PM EDT

Image Credit: Blair Bunting/Getty ImagesThe outpouring of emotion over the passing of Capt. Phil Harris from Discovery’s Deadliest Catch has taken an intriguing turn in Tumwater, Wa: the owners of Rutledge Corn Maze have created a giant tribute to the Cornelia Marie captain. The massive maze shows out an outline of his face and includes the name of his boat. To see the maze, click here.

The herculean effort has certainly drawn the attention of Harris’ sons Jake and Josh, who have apparently agreed to attend the maze’s grand opening on Sept. 11, according to the website.  

The seventh season of Deadliest Catch will begin in the spring. In October, Jake and Josh Harris are expected to spread their father’s ashes at sea with the other boat captains. The somber moment will be included in next season’s premiere episode.  

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