The 'Buried' star talks about being trapped in a coffin


August 13, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

In Buried, you’re trapped underground in a coffin. How big was it?
It’s exactly my size. I’m 6’2”, so the box was about seven feet long.

How did you decompress at night after spending all day buried alive?
I never slept, and it was a real problem. I was just so wound up, and I was totally alone out there [in Barcelona, where the movie was filmed]. Very few crew members spoke English. Coming home at the end of each day was kind of a lonely, anxiety-ridden experience.

You must have celebrated when the film wrapped.
I’d planned a vacation about six months beforehand to leave from the set and join my wife [Scarlett Johansson] on this sandy beach. But there was so much sand in the box! I realized that the last place I wanted to go afterward was a place filled with sand. But yeah, I’ve never been happier to finish a movie. I will never complain on a film set again. I mean, I’m standing right now in the Green Lantern costume on my 93rd day of shooting this movie. My hardest day on this is nothing compared to my easiest day on Buried.

What about reports that you suffered a shoulder injury on Green Lantern?
That’s something that got blown a little out of proportion. My shoulder did briefly separate, but we were reunited immediately and we both promised to never leave each other again.


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