By Annie Barrett
Updated August 13, 2010 at 06:20 PM EDT
The Office (TV Show - 2001)
Credit: Adrian Rogers/BBC

Image Credit: Adrian Rogers/BBCThe Office creator Ricky Gervais wrote on his blog: “We are about to start work on developing a Chinese The Office. How cool is that?” Pretty cool, if it happens. And when it does, could my cable company please give me ChinaTV so I can watch the Chinese version of The Office instead of Outsourced on NBC? Ha, ha, just kidding! Outsourced won’t still be on. And I know it’s set in Mumbai. I suppose the point of this never-ending train of thought is that I’d rather just have Ricky Gervais produce Outsourced against his will instead of another show I won’t get to see. It’s all about me!

Also on Ricky Gervais’ blog: An exclusive photo of him and Larry David “not seeing eye-to-eye” (literally) from the upcoming season of Curb Your Enthusiasm!

Which celebrity’s blog should I read next? If you say Justin Bieber’s Twitter, I will cut you! (Even though HE’S FOLLOWING ME now. “How cool is that?” Not.)

Are you having a laugh at the idea of a Chinese Office?

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