By Tanner Stransky
Updated August 13, 2010 at 02:24 PM EDT

Image Credit: Danny Moloshok/LandovStage/party mom Dina Lohan appeared on the Today show this morning to talk to Matt Lauer about her daughter Lindsay’s recent troubles. You know, the jail and, now, the court-mandated rehab. If you’re at all familiar with Dina Lohan (maybe you, like me, enjoyed her on that E! reality delight Living Lohan two summers ago?), you know that she is a very special breed of mother. Specifically, she doesn’t seem to be too worked up about this gigantic mess that’s become her daughter’s life. As such, the whole interview was a wash, as Dina never revealed much about Lindsay’s well-being or took any responsibility for the situation. At one point she even told Lauer: “You can’t make your child not go out and not go to a club.” Yes, of course, what can you do in this type of situation but throw your hands up, make a spa appointment, and hope everything works out for the best?

Anyway! A few important takeaways from the chat:

–Dina Lohan is very proud to know the word “recused.” At every turn, she used the word to talk about the judge on Lindsay’s case and how she had been “recused” from it. We get it, D-Lo: You understand what “recused” means! So do we!

–Dina Lohan knows how to dodge a question. Matt Lauer’s opening query: “An awful lot has happened in Lindsay’s life in the last couple of months, so let’s kind of get to it. A couple weeks in jail—what was it like for her?” Dina’s response: “Actually, the judge is now being recused. She… We have a new judge on the case, I don’t know if you know that fact.” We do, actually, but what we’d like to know is what jail was like for her. (Note: She used “recused” yet again!)

–Dina Lohan hates the media, specifically the tabloids, but is not above addressing the media, and thereby completing this circle of very public life. “You’re reading things that aren’t fact,” she told Lauer, while basically refusing to clear up any of those things that “aren’t fact.”

Those are just a few notes from the interview. Take a gander at the video, and let me know what you took away (aside from an upset stomach):

Did any of you find anything redeeming about Dina in this video? What did you take away from it?

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