Everyone’s favorite singing trashbot Ke$ha took over New York’s Rockefeller Plaza this morning to perform a few of the songs from her album, Animal. I’ve been a big fan of Ke$ha since she hit the scene last winter (heck, I wrote the—ahem!—definitive EW piece on her back in January!), but I must say: Ke$ha is not the most exhilarating live entertainer, unfortunately. Or maybe she just tries too hard and it comes off as cloying? It’s strange, because her music is catchy and amps me up when I listen on my iPod, but today’s performances felt decidedly muted. (Much like her ill-fated, uninspiring Saturday Night Live performance back in April.) Just kind of run-of-the-mill, nothing special. For reals, even the (surprisingly small, compared to the masses who showed up recently for Gaga) crowd in Rockefeller seemed more likely to yawn than sing along to “Tik Tok” and “Take It Off.” And the interview portions of the whole (non) spectacle were zapped of juice, too—Matt Lauer honestly asked her about the $ in her name and the story about how she broke into Prince’s house to drop off a demo once. How pedestrian! Again, it was all in the—ahem!—definitive EW piece I wrote back in January!

Regardless, take a gander at the performances here and decide for yourself:

“Tik Tok”:

“Take it Off”:

Do you agree with my less-than-exciting assessment? Or is Ke$ha doing it for you here?

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