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August 13, 2010 at 04:37 PM EDT


First the demise of Kristen and Hayden last week followed by Rachel’s dismissal this evening by a vote of 6-0.  I felt like all the action inside the house this week centered around breaking up “Brenchel” and in the end the house clearly got what they wanted.  It’s easy to sit back each week and analyze the house’s decision to evict a certain player, but in this week’s case I can see why they opted to send Rachel home instead of Brendon.  Rachel is a stronger player, both mentally and physically.

Overall, I think Brendon played a pretty lousy game this week.  I know some of his actions can be chalked up to “Operation Save Rachel,” but I think his tactics were too transparent for any of the Houseguests to believe.  It was obvious he was trying to purposely annoy everyone in hopes that they would pick him over her.  I do commend him for trying to save his lady, but question his methods.

*Or (just throwing this out there) maybe it was all a deliberate “jury” ploy to over compensate knowing that they would still eliminate Rachel, but he looks like a gentleman and gets her vote if he makes it to the end.  A brilliant strategic move if that’s the case.

Rachel told me after the show tonight that she has zero regrets.  Admittedly, she could have played some things differently (possibly aligning with Kristen and Hayden), but she was proud of the game she played.  You have to give her credit for surviving as long as she did considering she and Brendon were targets from day one.  She survived for 41 days with a massive X on her back and that’s pretty impressive.  Plus, she also believes with all her heart that their “showmance” is the real thing and that she and Brendon will be together once the show ends.  There was no hesitation when I asked what the future held for “Brenchel.”  I wish them well.

Bottom line — I am so eager to see how Brendon exists inside the house minus Rachel.  Will he take his aggression out on the game and step up in the competitions or will he crumble under the weight of a broken heart?  If he can capture HOH, Matt, Ragan and Britney are in for a heck of a week.  If he can’t, I think we have our next Jury member.

Comments please! Tell me how you think Brendon will respond?


*Britney continues to surprise me in this game.  Just when I think she might be in trouble she manages to survive – snagging the POV this week was a tremendous move.  If the “Brigade” ever starts turning on each other, look for Britney to be a key swing vote.

*I loved having Jeff and Jordan back in the house this week — it’s great when our show can play matchmaker!  They seem to be really happy and I wish them well.  Which couple will bring us the first Big Brother marriage?  Jeff and Jordan or Brendon and Rachel?

*Kudos to the fans for the brilliant “True Love Conquers All” sabotage that played during Wednesday night’s show.  I’m thrilled the Saboteur wrinkle is back in the game, and that particular fan-inspired suggestion was fantastic.  I must admit that I felt a little bad for “Brenchel” when that glimmer of hope reappeared.

*Was tonight’s HOH competition symbolic of this season’s game or what?  Houseguests struggling to escape a massive spider web of ropes in order to survive the game – just another day in the life of a Big Brother Houseguest.

*Where would the “Brigade” be without Matt?  Outside of Hayden’s week one HOH victory, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen three male players (Enzo, Lane and Hayden) under perform like this in almost every competition (but it is pretty fun to watch them discuss how powerful they are).


*The bowling lane used in the POV competition, “Lover’s Lane,” was 40 ft long.  There were sixteen balls on site and the pins were 30 inches tall.

*The ropes used in tonight’s HOH competition, “Oh What a Tangled Web,” were 200 feet long and weighed 25 lbs.


Enzo on Kathy

“The fish don’t even want to make an alliance with her…they’d rather die.”

Brendon on Romance

“I’m going to have the ‘Armageddon’ song playing in my head when I walk out.”

That’s it for now…this week could be one of the most interesting so far in terms of strategy and confrontations.  Brendon’s honor is on the line and he’s eager to exact revenge for the dismantling of his “showmance.”  Tell me your thoughts on the week below! Thanks everyone.

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