10 hot topics for the week of August 6, 2010

By Dan Snierson
August 13, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

1. Enrique Iglesias honors bet about Spain winning World Cup, water-skis nude in Miami
Actually, the terms were the same no matter which team won. Show-off.

2. Lady Gaga breaks MTV’s VMA record with 13 nominations
Try that on for size, Katy Perry! No, seriously — Gaga made this cool outfit out of her nominations, and you should see if it fits you, too.

3. Emma Watson turns heads with new pixie haircut
Yet Dame Maggie Smith finally rocks the Rachel and no one even notices?

4. Sean Penn and Robin Wright finalize divorce
Asked by a reporter for a comment, Sean Penn narrowed his eyes and said: ”Do you really think this is going to go well for you right now?”

5. Naomi Campbell questioned at U.N. war-crimes trial about whether she received blood diamonds
Remember the good ol’ days when you’d appear in court for assaulting the help with a jewel-encrusted cell phone? Being a supermodel is so much tougher now.

6. Mary Hart announces she’ll step down in 2011 as Entertainment Tonight host
To put this in context, it’s bigger than ”Trapped treasures in Tom Selleck’s mustache revealed!” but smaller than ”How Jennifer Lopez’s new diet turned her from J. Lo into J. Whoa!”

7. Ke$ha files motion to throw out $14 million lawsuit from ex-managers
Best-case scenario? Dismissed! Worst? Introducing…Ke¢ha!

8. A&E to turn Scared Straight! doc into miniseries
What’s that? You don’t need to watch? You think you can just tune in to Criss Angel Mindfreak instead? Hey! Look at me! Don’t make the mistake I did!

9. Man begins one-to-three-month jail sentence for puking on two fans at Phillies game
The team is denying reports that after he serves his time, he’ll be invited to throw up the first pitch.

10. Tony Robbins’ NBC reality show yanked after two episodes
Or maybe that’s just negative self-talk. If you awaken the giant within, the show will — nah, still canceled.