By Annie Barrett
Updated August 13, 2010 at 04:16 PM EDT
Credit: Courtesy of

Image Credit: Courtesy of has a staggeringly creepy photo gallery today called Cats in Costumes, Looking Horrified. Slezak inexplicably likes the diva in the green gown haughtily suffering from an eating disorder, but I am most intrigued by “Baldwinner Gets a Pompadour” on the right. The blazer and tee initially threw me way off. Somehow my brain had forgotten that my finger had been recklessly clicking “next” and “next” on A GALLERY OF CATS. So upon coming face to face with a big-haired dude in multiple layers of catsualwear, my first thought was “Oh no, this has to the ugliest person ever, how horrible for him.” It probably took at least a whole second before I realized it wasn’t the guy’s fault and it was okay anyway because he was a cat.

All parties here — the internet, the cats, LIFE, you — deserve better from me than this. But at least my latest “Animals dressed as humans!” trauma can populate our “Everything Reminds Us of Friends” category and serve as a perfectly functional Summer Friday Lunchtime Poll.

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