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August 13, 2010 at 10:34 PM EDT

Image Credit: Sonja Flemmimg/CBSOur obsessive, 360-degree coverage of Big Brotheran instant reaction, full recap, and Julie Chen react have already been posted here on in the last 24 hours—continues with the Best. Thing. Ever.: A video interview I did with last night’s evictee Rachel! In the most exciting and anticipated eviction of the season so far, Rachel got shown the door. As you all probably realize, that’s two weeks in a row that a showmance got the axe. (Thank goodness! Last week, you’ll remember, Kristen left her dear, dear love Hayden behind.) But Rachel’s eviction was certainly more significant, mostly because she was so universally reviled in the house. Plus, this is important to note: Rachel is the first evicted House Guest to head to the Jury House. But before she stepped into her new home to wait out the rest of the season (and possibly return to the Big Brother house?), we here at EW got a chance to catch-up with her. She talks about her relationship with Brendon, why she screams in the Diary Room, and her infamous “floaters grab a life vest” line. And bonus: She utters (or, rather, screams?) “me and my maaaaaaan!” at least twice during the interview. Yes. Yes! Yes, you can go into the weekend happy. Watch the video here:

She’s exactly what you’d expect, right?

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