Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher wasn’t expecting to create the stir she did by posting eight self-portraits on her Facebook page Tuesday as a response to critics who claim she uses Botox, but the 45-year-old actress says she’s happy she did. On set today, she sent EW the following statement: “There was absolutely no forethought of timing or result. I thought I was sharing with my very new and budding fan Facebook page. I didn’t even know press could lift stuff and write about it, but bottom line, I’m glad I’ve prompted a conversation that I hope brings women closer to self-acceptance. They can check out more issues for women on,” she says, adding a plug for her website. “I never made a choice really to stop using Botox, and I don’t judge those who do. But I did look up Monday and see wrinkles, and I decided it was time to see beauty there too.”

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