Image Credit: Patrick Wymore/ABCAs if Port Charles needed any more drama, Vanessa Marcil-Giovinazzo is bringing her tempest-in-a-teapot Brenda Barret back to General Hospital today after seven years away. Surely you noticed the takeover of ABC’s daytime lineup yesterday afternoon as they strolled down memory lane with Brenda’s many loves: Sonny, Jax, and Jason. From her volatile, lingering love affair with Sonny to being left at the altar by Jax to her tumultuous marriage to Jason that led to Spinelli’s “regrettably pink room,” Brenda’s left her mark on each of them. Now she’s back with a secret that’s supposed to affect them all.

I missed most of the Brenda years, but I’m still looking forward to the spark that she’ll bring with her. Are you psyched? Come back after the episode airs, and tell what you thought of her return — and what you think her secret is.

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