By Annie Barrett
Updated August 11, 2010 at 05:05 PM EDT

Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara just can’t help oozing sexy vibes and suggestive language all the time, and it’s always getting her into trouble! Yesterday before showing up to tape Jimmy Kimmel live, she tweeted “Tonight I’m gonna do Jimmy Kimmel!” and was so embarrassed that people would even take it that way! Then in part 2 of their interview, she insisted “Men have never wanted me to get busy in the kitchen.” But she meant COOKING! “Noooooo ha ha ha ha ha!” She didn’t mean it like that! She’s just so naturally sexual! And get this: Everyone in Colombia has maids, and Sofia Vergara used to be a nerd. Part 2 of their interview is embedded after the jump.

I think it might be amusing/flattering to be sexy enough that everything I said or wrote would be considered an innuendo, but it also might get really old really fast. I mean look at the things around me. Mousepad, an office desk, fluids. I’m tired of your implications already. And late-night hosts would inevitably zone out while I was talking and forget stories I’d told in the past, then use the generic excuse that they were “distracted by something else,” i.e. my aura of pure sex. Indeed, it really is a good thing I’m not the hottest thing on television.

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