Image Credit: Danny Feld/ABC FamilyPretty Little Liars, why you gotta hurt so good? Last night’s midseason finale (boo to your strange scheduling, ABC Family!) kept the show’s central mystery alive and well, which I guess is a good thing… but jeeze louise, I am dying to know who the mysterious A is. Throw me a bone, show!

I loved the Twin Peaks homage — I fully expected to see Toby’s motorcycle reflected in Alison’s pupil, but oh well — and yet I wish the Ian story had seemed more organic. Toby, sure. Lucas, even, I would have believed. But who the heck is Ian?

He’s no Ezra, that’s for damn sure. Ah, Mr. Fitz, television’s most charming and handsome borderline-statutory-rapist. I hate that I’m rooting for him and Aria, but I kind of am? Even though his poem was blatantly awful? Maybe it’s Lucy Hale’s outrageously majestic locks that give the whole thing a Disney princess/Prince Charming quality…

Okay, PopWatchers, without spoiling info from the books (which I haven’t read), let’s put on our speculation caps and get guessing: Did anyone else get a super “you’re a murderer” vibe from Spencer’s prissy sister Melissa last night? Do you think A is someone we already know, or might it be someone we’ve yet to encounter? I know they “found” Alison’s “body,” but is anyone else kind of hoping the bitch is back?