By Mandi Bierly
Updated August 11, 2010 at 09:44 PM EDT

I just watched NBC’s 24-minute primetime preview show (embedded below), which profiles the Peacock’s fall slate, night-by-night. Notes I scribbled:

• What is The Event? A way for me to see Jason Ritter each week.

Chase: I need to view the pilot with a stopwatch and see how much time is devoted to the act of running. Then I should time the premieres of all law-enforcement shows and see if Chase does, in fact, have the most… While I’m at it, I should also note how many of them use generic lines like, “Why don’t you turn yourself in and find out.”

• Tina Fey, taping an interstitial at an NBC party, gets the biggest laugh: “Look at this: the people, the color, the free shrimp. It must be the NBC primetime preview.”

• I know I’m supposed to be drooling over the sexy leads in Undercovers, the J.J. Abrams’ show about married ex-spies (Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw) who come out of retirement together and put the spice back in their relationship, but I’m most excited to see their boss, Dash Goff Gerald McRaney.

• “You know you’re dying to call it [Law & Order: Los Angeles] LOLA already.” I was, but now that you pointed it out, Mr. Announcer, but now that you pointed it out..

• Betty White on the Community season premiere. I hope she lusts after Jeff (Joel McHale).

School Pride — think Extreme Makeover: School Edition — can have such a huge impact on kids that you wish there wasn’t the “Can they do it in 10 days?” drama added to make good TV.

Outlaw: I’m surprised they gave away the ending to the Jimmy Smits pilot, but then again, no one wants to see a Supreme Court justice resign so he can do good without his hands tied, represent a man who’s falsely accused of murder, and then lose.

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