Last night marked the return of Flipping Out, the reality show that ostensibly about renovating homes — but is clearly about star Jeff’s obsessive compulsions and the kooky staff who are simultaneously nutcases and saints to put up with him.

To mark a fourth round of the bonkers that’s to come, I present you with the top five craziest moments from last night’s premiere:

5. Sarah, an executive assistant, thought she was actually Jeff’s executive business partner: “We haven’t really discussed what an executive business partner is. It’s just someone that’s really important and kind of up there in the company.”

4. After asking his other executive assistant, Jenni, what her new boyfriend likes to do to her in bed (bear with me here), he asked, “Do you guys go to church and pray for the sins you committed the night before? Do you confess?”

3. A dog peed on Sarah’s head.

2. It’s safe to say that Jeff isn’t a baby person, yet he held house assistant Jett’s bundle of cuteness in a surprisingly tender way. Aww.

1. Speaking of animal excrement, Jeff punished his housekeeper Zoila for keeping doors open in the house by making her clean Stewart the cat’s poop with toilet paper—and without gloves. “I thought, what better way to remind her of her mistake than cat feces between her fingernails because that’s going to be hard to get out?”

What did you think of last night’s season premiere?

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