By Annie Barrett
Updated August 11, 2010 at 02:44 PM EDT

The silly stylists had no idea with whom they were dealing. Watching Christina Hendricks star in an entire episode of MTV’s Undressed from 1999 turned out to be less a reminder of how awesome Christina Hendricks is than a rude re-awakening of just how bad MTV’s Undressed was. So bad! I knew it at the time and still marathoned that s*** anyway. There was something compelling about its OTT awfulness. The actors with perfectly symmetrical faces were always different but the laundry room never changed and there was comfort in that. Who knew that the cute redhead who nearly giggled her way out of a ringer tee in the late ’90s would turn out to masterfully lead a Christmas conga line in the mid ’60s? Television is so weird with time, man. Anyway, Part 1 is embedded below. I like to think that the girl who’s really disappointed to see SPOILER ALERT Christina Hendricks making out with some dude is also realizing, dejectedly, “Oh no, I’m wearing a tie-dyed dress.” [Gawker TV]

Was anyone else convinced at first that this was Psycho Beach Party-era Lauren Ambrose? (I’m just kidding! I know how to read!)

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