Daredevil Bear Grylls suffers the worst injury of his four-year TV career in an episode from the upcoming season of Discovery’s Man vs. Wild (starting up this Wednesday): He’s struck in the leg by a camera while glissading (that’s sliding to all you couch potatoes out there) down a mountain.

That’s right. This guy has braved scorching desserts, faced down poisonous snakes, and parachuted naked from Air Force One into a teacup balanced on a rhinoceros’ horn*, but it was a member of his own crew who nearly did him in. As told by Bear to a group of reporters in NYC this morning, it all went down like this: Bear’s trusty cameraman was momentarily blinded by snow while sliding down a snowy incline beside him; the camera smashed into Bear’s leg, and everyone had to be evacuated to the nearest hospital by a helicopter. Don’t worry, they’re all fine now.

Also to come on this season: A special “Fan vs. Wild” episode, in which Bear takes two lucky fans with him to the Canadian Rockies. (The ep will air in September.) And by “lucky,” we mean “crazy enough to think tagging along with Bear Grylls while he tackles the elements in a freezing wasteland will be fun.” Hats off to you guys. We’re happy to watch from the couch, thank you very much.

*We made that one up. But only because this little incident was a bit too graphic to mention.