By Margaret Lyons
Updated August 10, 2010 at 03:40 PM EDT

Image Credit: Justin Lubin/NBCThe finale for Last Comic Standing was an arduous two-hour spectacle, capping off a strangely blah season with an even less-compelling winner. Felipe Esparza is funny(ish), but I can’t imagine voluntarily seeking out his work. Myq Kaplan? Sure. Roy Wood Jr.? Probably. Esparza? Eh, different strokes for different something something.

I’m a big nerd for stand-up comedy, and what I like about the idea of Last Comic Standing is that it’s another vehicle for new voices to emerge, a good showcase for comics who might not fit the traditional Comedy Central/HBO Special model. Except that Felipe Esparza’s gregarious dude humor totally does fit that model. Catch you on the flip side, Fortune Feimster.

Are you happy with the results, PopWatchers? What did you think of the season on the whole?