By Annie Barrett
Updated August 10, 2010 at 03:13 PM EDT
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Behold Justin Bieber’s sporty new shill for Proactiv. He can count to three! He shoots, he scores! (Take 39!) But LET’S GET SERIOUS about acne, PopWatchers. You have it. I have it. But Justin Bieber will never have it, because stuffed animals simply are not engineered to break out. I dare say it might be time to call a moratorium, which no one will obey, on famous young people who do Proactiv commercials but have never had significant skin issues.

I mean, Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, Vanessa Williams, Jessica Simpson, Jenna Fischer, Julianne Hough, sure. Those people were grotesque.* Penance through Proactiv commercials was the only way they would be accepted by the zit-fearing public. But please, not this Baby.

Okay, you guys, I think I’ve addressed Justin Bieber enough within 24 hours. “You know it always feels good, you know, comin’ out here” to write these ridiculous blog items…”You know you got clean skin Proactiv make sure you use it. I’m gonna go play ball.”

* — [For the sarcasm intolerant] Just kidding.

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Hell to the No!

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