August 09, 2010 at 12:21 PM EDT

Image Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.comStars have plenty to worry about during awards show carpet: tripping, paparazzi, staggering their arrival time with those of their frenemies, dreaded personal questions, Spanx ride-up. But the Teen Choice 2010 pre-show press op last night on the Universal Studios’ backlot presented an entirely unique peril. The vertical garden hung as a backdrop attracted not only praise for attempting to green the red carpet but bees and other insects.

“Bees are interrupting interviews. You keep noticing people swatting at things and ducking suddenly,” So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deeley noted. “Luckily, insects don’t bother me at all. I’m a tomboy at heart, but I’m sure there are some real girlie girl types shaking in their Manolos.”

One such trembling teen idol was Pretty Little Liars star, presenter and first-time awards show attendee Ashley Benson. She was afraid she’d “pass out if we won” Choice Summer TV Show (which it did), but really freaked when she realized there was a beetle crawling around her blond locks and required assistance from her handler to remove it. “So not cool. I hate bugs. I definitely won’t forget my first awards show now.”

But Benson’s co-star Lucy Hale — who also nabbed Choice Summer TV Star — wasn’t going to let the bees or the heat be bzzzkills. “It’s so hot,” she said. “Everyone’s gonna sweat their makeup off before the taping even starts, but it is so worth it to be here to show the love to the fans who showed the love to us. I love that they are the ones who vote and pick the winners.”

Of course, some stars were too preoccupied with butterflies to let the bees bother them. “Anyone who says they aren’t nervous before singing on national TV is lying,” claimed nominee Travie McCoy who, along with Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Diddy-Dirty Money, Jason Derulo, and the Step Up 3D dancers, provided the live entertainment. “No one wants to choke and everyone wants to put on a good show.”

Rapper Nikki Minaj was looking forward to sitting this one out and just enjoying the show from the audience. “I performed three times at the BET Awards so I never got a second to sit down, relax, meet people, be entertained or see whether it was a good show or not.”

As for the show itself, the Twilight cast, which led the pack with nods in 17 categories (11 for Taylor Lautner), scored wins in many of them, including Choice Chemistry, Liplock, Fantasy Movie, Villain, and Male Hottie. “Wow, I knew it was a lot of nominations, but I didn’t realize we got that many. What can I say? They love us. They really love us,” said Jackson “Jasper” Rathbone, adding that co-star Peter Facinelli probably wouldn’t be allowed to accept any awards on behalf of the group thanks to his F-bomb laden speech at the MTV Movie Awards. “It was hilarious but this is even more of a family show.”

The Eclipse crew were not the only bloodsuckers out in force. The Vampire Diaries and its leads also nabbed several nominations and wins in its freshman year. “I hope we win a few. We want to show those Twilighters they aren’t the only vampires in town,” multiple nominee Nina Dobrev said before finding out the results. She had a second reason she wanted to win as well. The TCA trophy is actually a functional surfboard. “I might take that award down to Venice Beach and give it a go in the ocean to celebrate.”

Past winner Selena Gomez, who added four more boards to her collection this year, also liked the trophy’s multiple-use potential. “I’ve never actually tried to surf on mine because it seems like it would be showing off, but I love the idea that it could serve more of a purpose than sitting on a shelf,” she joked. “Maybe as a way to go green, all awards could be multi-purpose like it’s a trophy and a can-opener.”

To see who else nabbed wave-worthy trophies, the many costume changes of host Katy Perry and performances of the summer’s catchiest singles, tune in to Fox tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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