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Sign me up as one of those people who think that summer 2010 hasn’t exactly been a banner season for movies. So I was curious to see how the very amusing writer Joe Queenan would sum it up in his essay, The Worst Movie Year Ever? For the most part he was dead on. But I have to take issue with a few of his statements. “The Kids Are All Right…is no Sideways,” he alleges. Excuse me? The Kids Are All Right contains more heart, more truth, and more big laughs than that fine wine-drenched film. But the sentence that really jumped out at me comes near the top of his rant: “Stop making movies like Grown Ups, Sex and the City 2, Prince of Persia and anything that positions Jennifer Aniston or John C. Reilly at the top of the marquee.” Now, I hear him on those first three. But Jennifer Aniston’s only film this summer is the yet-to-be-released Jason Bateman comedy The Switch, which is actually surprisingly touching. And John C. Reilly’s vehicle Cyrus is a truly unique love triangle that happens to boast a score of 81 on Rotten Tomatoes and has grossed a respectable $7 million in limited release.

Does anyone else think he was out of line to lump Cyrus in with Robin Hood and The A-Team? Or have this summer’s indie flicks been as disappointing to you as the blockbusters?

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