Image Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBSThe current season of Big Brother already has a place in the show’s history for being the year that CBS introduced the supposed game-changing Saboteur into the house, an America’s Player-esque scheming House Guest who would pull pranks on the roommates, all for our sadistic viewing pleasure at home. A delightful idea in theory. But it didn’t work out so well.

As we all saw in the first eviction ceremony of the season, the experiment failed miserably, and rather hilariously, as the Saboteur, Annie, was evicted at the first turn. But dang CBS if they aren’t going to try the Sabo thing again! (Thank goodness!) This time, though, I think they might just have finally landed on the right person.

(SPOILER ALERT: Stop here if you haven’t seen the episode and don’t want to know anything about what happened.)

Enter Ragan, the smart, yet easily persuadable House Guest who producers convinced to take on the dastardly role in last night’s episode. How’d they lure him? Ragan was offered $20,000 to be the Saboteur, as long as he agreed (which he did) to carry out three Saboteur-ish acts for each of the next two weeks. More than the cash payout, though, Ragan seemed more seduced by the the fact that America chose him for the role. “It is an honor,” he told the camera, “even if it is to do something horrible to the house.” To be honest, Ragain is perfect as the Saboteur because he is a fan favorite, and because of his accented demeanor and a real lack of reasons to hate him, he might not be suspected by the rest of the House Guests. As long as he can keep up the ruse. Of course, the rest of the House Guests didn’t seem too excited about the prospect of a new Saboteur, who promised to “destroy all of you and cruise to the half-million dollars” in his first video communication. Yay! I love the ridiculousness of the Saboteur, especially since he communicates via videos that employ a voice changer straight out of the Scream movies.

The reason that the Saboteur was back, besides CBS wanting something to shake up this already rather dramatic season, was because the new HOH Matt (again!) opened Pandora’s Box, which of course brings something good (a Diamond Veto for Matt) and something bad (the Saboteur!) to the house. (“Curiosity killed the Matt,” the disappointed, Pandora’s Box-opening HOH said after finding out what he’d done by bringing back the Saboteur.) So far, Matt’s lying to the rest of the House Guests about what he got out of Pandora’s Box, saying that he only got a dollar bill. Risky move! I suppose he has no other choice, since he doesn’t want yet another target on his back, but no doubt that lying will backfire on him eventually. He can use the Diamond Veto to change a nomination any time during the next two weeks. Very, very handy, if I do say so myself!

Finally, then, there were nominations. No surprise here: Brendon and an increasingly on-the-edge Rachel went up on the block, after what seemed like very little deliberation by Matt. “This couldn’t be less personal,” he told the House Guests, “or more strategic, for that matter.” I couldn’t be less shocked since the whole house despises these two, even though Rachel acted like it was the end of the line for her. Her reaction was priceless. “I’ve fought for 35 days in a row,” she said through tears. “I just feel like a lost puppy.” But she wasn’t done there! “I’ve fought so hard,” the ninny continued, “that I have to get another injection of Botox because I have so many wrinkles right now.” What? You’ve got to be kidding! I don’t even get that, but it’s quite possibly my favorite line every uttered on Big Brother. You make no sense, crazy Rachel, but I live for you and your blubbering. And the fact that you get to touch the chest of man-candy Brendon every night. Sigh.

What’d you think of the nominations, PopWatchers? How stoked are you for the return of Jeff and Jordan next week? (I loved this Showmance!) And when the heck is Hayden going to stop yelling?

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