Image Credit: Everett Collection Lorene Yarnell, half of the mime-dance-comedy team Shields and Yarnell, died July 29 at the age of 66 after suffering a brain aneurysm, the Los Angeles Times reports. Best known for her partnership with then-husband Robert Shields, the duo worked the streets of San Francisco before hitting the small screen, where they starred in their own 1970s variety show and made appearanceson hundreds of programs including The Sonny & Cher Show, The Muppet Show, and the Christmas at Walt Disney World special (which featured their signature robot personas The Clinkers, watch below). They were also a hit on the Vegas strip and in concert halls around the world. Solo, Yarnell, who began her career as a dancer on variety shows, is best remembered for serving as the body of the Joan Rivers-voiced robot Dot Matrix in 1987’s Spaceballs.