Singer Jennifer Nettles on the country duo's random reggae sound

By Whitney Pastorek
Updated August 06, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

Upon first listen, Sugarland’s new single ”Stuck Like Glue” (off their upcoming The Incredible Machine, due Oct. 19) appeared to be another harmlessly peppy pop-country ditty from the group. And then we heard the breakdown, in which Jennifer Nettles suddenly channels her inner Sean Kingston, and we got a li’l confused. ”It was just fun,” she says of the strange section in which she sorta-raps a shout-out to the band’s native ATL. ”It wasn’t a conscious thought of ‘Now I really feel like a reggae breakdown would be appropriate.’ It’s music. It’s inspiration. Why not do a little spoken-word thing? It just ends up that apparently when I do spoken word, it sounds like reggae.” The segment is so unexpected, at least one radio station has actually been editing it out. Nettles says that seems ”overreactive.” ”It’s not that we’re trying to create a new genre,” she says. ”We’re trying to bring people to country music and say, ‘Look, we are young and hip and fun.’ You would hope that the country-radio format would be excited for that. Let’s stretch. Let’s grow, people. It’s funtry!”