August 06, 2010 at 05:35 PM EDT

Patrick Wilson is a Tony-nominated actor whose work in movies has ranged from passionate love scenes with Kate Winslet in the Oscar-nominated Little Children to pursuing fugitive GI’s in the summer action film The A-Team. But the role that will be forever branded on the insides of my eyelids is the sexual predator who is mentally — if not physically — castrated for his sins by Ellen Page in Hard Candy. I don’t know a man who didn’t squirm in his seat during those protracted torture scenes or acquire a sympathetic limp as he exited the theater.

In Wilson’s upcoming comedy, Barry Munday, Wilson plays a suburban Casanova whose brazen horndoggery costs him something very dear to him. You guessed it — his testicles. Watch the trailer after the jump.

Some actors would steer clear of such emasculating roles, but Wilson, who’s also slated to appear in the upcoming romantic comedies Morning Glory and The Switch, must be very secure. (He was in the Broadway version of The Full Monty, after all.) Still, what are the odds of playing two different characters in two different movies who suffer such a similar unfortunate fate? Give Wilson credit: He’s got cojones.

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