The ''Your Love'' singer tells us what's coming through her headphones

By EW Staff
Updated August 06, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

Drake ”Find Your Love”
”I love the entire album, but ‘Find Your Love’ is like a movie. It reminds you of something, but you kind of don’t know what.”

Lil Wayne Rebirth
”I’m [a guest performer] on that one. And I just like that he was able to cross over into rock/pop a little bit. I’m a fan of when people do what you don’t expect.”

Mariah Carey
”I always have Mariah for when I just feel like curling up in bed. On her last album, it’s ‘Hey You.”’

Beyoncé ”Poison”
”When I tell you it gives me life, like, it gives me life. Her voice is effortless. It’s badass, like, ‘I know I’m the best.’ I love the melody, I love the cadence. It’s playful, but it’s just so in-your-face. It’s dope and it’s creative.”

Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad
”I love ‘Sell Me Candy.’ That’s one of my freakin’ favorites. Timbaland produced. I love that and ‘Rehab.”’