Image Credit: CBSWOW! What a week! Last Thursday, Andrew reveals Kristen and Hayden’s secret “showmance” to the house on his way out the door and leaves behind a hot mess. Rachel and Kristen square off in this season’s most heated cat fight; Rachel places her rival “showmance” (Kristen and Hayden) on the block; Britney snags the POV, but to Hayden’s dismay, she decides not to use it; Hayden and Kristen check their emotions at the door and resort to saving themselves; and Kristen campaigns tirelessly, but ultimately is unable to garner enough support and becomes the fourth evicted Houseguest. I think this could be a huge turning point for the season — 34 days into the game and the action continues to get more juicy by the moment.

I was disappointed when Kristen was evicted as I was eager to see what impact their relationship would have on the “Brigade” — whether Hayden would have truly picked his “showmance” over his “bromance” or vice versa. Kristen told me post eviction that she was unprepared for life inside the house. As we witnessed on the show, she admitted she was very guarded and not one to easily make friends…two personality traits that typically lead to early evictions.


Despite Rachel and Brendon being in a “showmance,” their position inside the house continues to be stable. However, that could all change pending the result of this week’s HOH. You have to think that if any member of the “Brigade” captures HOH, they will put Rachel and Brendon on the block. I’m sure the “Brigade” is eager to dismantle any and all “showmances.”

Luckily for the “Brigade” their strength lies in their numbers, because if they were forced to rely on any other element (physical prowess, strategic gameplay, etc.) they would have splintered several weeks ago. Based on their poor showings in competitions, combined with Hayden’s flip-flopping throughout the house and Ragan’s growing suspicion of an all-male alliance, you can easily see them imploding at any moment.

Kudos to all the fans who voted for this season’s next (potential) Saboteur. I think Ragan is a wise selection. He’s an intelligent, passionate player who will take the role very seriously and work hard not to disappoint. Plus, he stands to make an easy $20,000? Maybe easy isn’t the right word, but I personally think it’s worth the risk. Tune in on Sunday to see if Pandora’s Box will be opened and if Ragan will accept the job. Tell me below…do you think this week’s HOH will risk opening Pandora’s box or play it safe? If you were in the house, what would you do? COMMENTS PLEASE!

(Personally, I would open it!)



— There were 9 obstacles in this week’s Luxury competition. The fastest time was 0:47 seconds and the slowest time was 2:18.

VETO COMPETITION (“Wizards of Pinball”)

— It would cost $1.75 to play all the pinball machines that were on display for 1 round and the giant pinball machine was 16 ft long by 20 ft wide.


— The diameter of the paint can in last night’s HOH competition was over 14 feet and the giant swinging paint brush was over 11 feet long.


— I’m so excited to have two of our favorite past Houseguests, Jeff and Jordan, making a surprise visit to the house this week. As many of you probably know, Jeff is on his “Around the World for Free” tour and I’m hearing he may need a place to stay for the night. Tune in on Wednesday to see if Jeff has any “showmance” advice for “Brenchel.”

— The curse of the Big Brother costume is alive and well. Two years of evicted Houseguests who wore the red unitard, followed by Casey’s unfortunate banana suit last season and Kristen’s swift departure last night courtesy of the hippie-tard.

— I felt like this week was a coming out party for Britney. She demonstrated that she’s more of gamer than I may have originally thought. She’s successfully working all sides of the house and not just standing by waiting to be evicted.

— I think you can make the argument that Lane is one of the most underachieving players in the game from a physical standpoint? He’s a former collegiate athlete, but his performance in competitions as of late is on par with Kathy.

— Word of advice for all future contestants — if you’re on a reality show that films your every move 24/7, it’s probably not smart to become romantically involved with a fellow Houseguest after you told your boyfriend waiting at home that you want to remain faithful throughout your time on the show. You never know where the love bug will strike inside the house.


Britney: “If I said an f-bomb on TV, my mom would cry and my dad would have to skip a Sunday at church.”

Hayden: “I think cougar hunting is dangerous…I like to hunt young cubs in their 20s.”

Kathy regarding Rachel: “We got the devil upstairs working in the devil’s den.”

That’s it for this week. Tune in Sunday to see if Ragan will be unleashed into the house as the next Saboteur — and I hope this week lives up to the craziness we just witnessed. Thanks everyone for all the support.

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