As my colleague Benjamin Svetkey details in this week’s Entertainment Weekly cover story, James Bond fans may have a long wait before they see their hero on the big screen again. How to spend those long Bond-free hours? May I humbly suggest a few of them could be filled checking out the 007-centric essays on a new website called Blog, James Blog?

In April of this year, a TV documentary producer and die-hard 007 fan named Scott Engel assigned himself the task of writing about every single one of the 22 “official” Bond movies in chronological order. So far, Engel — who, I should point out is a friend of mine — has gotten to the fifth film, 1967’s You Only Live Twice. The guy is taking his time, but Engel’s overviews are exceedingly thorough, with each movie broken down into such categories as “Bond’s Best Pick-Up Line,” “Theme Tune,” “Villain’s Lair,” “Number of People 007 Kills,” “Gadgets/British Government Property Bond Destroys,” and “Bond Girl Sluttiness.” (Is that un-PC? Absolutely. But, then, Bond is very un-PC guy.)

Throw in an entertainingly quirky selection of YouTube videos — the section concerning Thunderball Bond girl Domino Derval is accompanied by a clip of Van Morrison performing the entirely unrelated “Domino” — and you’ve got an entertaining guide to all things shaken, not stirred. And who knows, by the time Engel has completes his mission, they just may have completed another Bond movie.

Which Bond movie would you most like to read about? And how long do you think we will have to wait for another 007 film?