By Archana Ram
Updated August 06, 2010 at 08:05 PM EDT

If you couldn’t tell by our review, cover, and our endless PopWatch items, we here at EW loved Inception and its mind-bending, trippy aftershock. Though most fans were focused on the film’s puzzles, mind games, and the how’d-they-do-it stunts, I found myself honing in on something completely different: the film’s style.

Not trendy, yet not dated, Inception had a timeless aesthetic that constantly kept me guessing about the time period. For every almost vintage-looking dress, there was a blue jeans outfit; for every 70s-style leather jacket, there was a slick suit reminiscent of today’s streamlined fit. For the scoop on the other secrets of Inception, I turned to the studio as well as costume designer, Jeffrey Kurland.

Because the movie was an original sci-fi adventure, Kurland wanted to bring a contemporary feel that still felt ambiguous, which makes sense for the dream world layers upon layers. There was nothing in the surroundings that dated the film, so it was only natural to make the wardrobe feel the same way. Kurland custom-made all of the clothing — minus Ellen Page’s jeans. Even Cobb and Mal’s rings were original pieces.

You might not be able to score Mal’s beautiful beaded dress or Ariadne’s print scarves (both custom-made), but you can snag Cobb’s button-down (shown above), which Kurland designed with legendary shirt maker Anto Beverly Hills. His shirt was made specifically for the film and can be custom-ordered through the company ($350; 310-278-4500).

What other looks did you like from the movie?

Photo: Melissa Moseley