Christopher Nolan has directed only seven feature films, but it feels like he’s made more. That’s because all of his films– the indie thrillers Following and Memento, the moral-corrosion duet of Insomnia and The Prestige, the genre-redefining Batman films, and the WTF-tastic Inception — are all constructed to reward (if not require) repeat viewings. His films are confusing. You might forget which movie you’re watching. Perhaps you’ll even forget your name. Motifs run rampant across his filmography. Is that Michael Caine, playing a wily old mentor? Is there a character named Cobb who steals things? How many dead wives does it take to screw in a lightbulb? It’s easy to get lost in the Nolanverse without a trained guide.

Here at the National PopWatch Asylum for Cinemaniacs, we’ve constructed a rudimentary Christopher Nolan flowchart. Print out a copy and carry it with you whenever you think you may be watching a Christopher Nolan film. Think of this flowchart as your own personal tiny spinning top, keeping you grounded in reality, and check it out after the jump… (SPOILER ALERT!)

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