August 04, 2010 at 02:00 PM EDT

While marooned on my bed last weekend during a sick bout of laziness, I found myself watching Edward Scissorhands on cable. I can’t help it. I always stop when it’s on TV. Yes, I could watch the DVD, but, as we all know, things are just better when they’re on TV. As a result, I’ve seen the movie dozens of times in my lifetime (at least, I thought so…), and it has always surprised me that the movie hasn’t gotten old. Then I realized why: Around the half-way mark — specifically when Edward, Kim, and Jim break into Jim’s parents’ house — I changed the channel.

About five minutes after I did so, I stopped channel surfing in horror. Had I seriously just turned off the movie before arguably the best part: Kim dancing in the ice? That’s when I stopped to think about my actions, realizing slowly that I’ve probably seen the first 55 minutes of the movie three times the number of times I’d seen the entire thing. It’s a rather strange habit, I’ll admit. After some thought, I realized that it’s not the only movie I tend to cut off mid-way (basic cable regulars Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Will Hunting, and Dumb & Dumber keep Edward company on my list of movies I can’t seem to follow through with upon rewatching).

My theory is that I developed this strange habit a long time ago, probably as a result of watching too many sad movie endings that involve dead animals as a kid (I’m looking at you disapprovingly, Turner & Hooch). But while Edward Scissorhands has a somewhat tragic ending, it was never a movie that had me sobbing uncontrollably; thus, there is no risk of re-opening deep emotional wounds my parents closed years ago with candy and lies about dog heaven. There goes my childhood trauma theory.

I can’t say the movie slows down in the latter half, either, because I rather enjoy many moments toward the end (aforementioned dancing in the ice! Christmas light-adorned devil bush!). I suppose I’ll have to chalk this up to a bad habit.

But what about you, PopWatchers? Are there movies that you only like rewatching for the first half? Should we start a support group (since it’s quite likely that people have stopped watching movies with you, too)?

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