Image Credit: Bob Charlotte/PR PhotosThere is no rest for the wicked—nor for those merely possessing of wickedly split-endless amber waves, approximately eleventy million platinum records, and a Jenga-like stack of golden trophies that Kanye can never take away.

Which is to say: Yes, Taylor Swift is back. The ringleted czarina of country-pop crossover has just dropped the first single from her upcoming Speak Now, and while it won’t go to iTunes until August 16, several websites have it streaming already, including this one.

As per several previous hits, “Mine” follows the narrative arc of young love blossoming—in this specific case, young college love. (Though 20-year-old Swift is, as of yet, only a student at the University of Superstar, at which she already appears to have picked up her honorary Masters).

So–the world’s first taste of Speak-era Taylor has arrived, and it sounds very much like we expected: just like Fearless-era Taylor, maybe a little older and wiser, but still as peachy-sweet as ever. What do you think, Swifties?

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