August 04, 2010 at 02:47 PM EDT

True Blood

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Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin
Sci-fi and Fantasy, Drama

True Blood‘s Sam Trammell was the second guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Tuesday, following Betty White. After Leno showed a clip of Trammell’s shapeshifter Sam transforming from a dog into his naked human form, White cracked, “Oh, I wish I had a dog that could do that.” Trammell apologized to White that she had to see that. “Oh, I loved it,” she said.

Trammell then went on to describe the experience of having body makeup applied for those nude scenes. The makeup artist comes to his trailer for privacy, and he focuses on the surf videos he has playing to avoid thinking about the fact that a beautiful woman is rubbing his body. I’m calling it now: True Blood makeup artist — best job in Hollywood. Watch Trammell’s two-part interview (which also includes him recounting the comedy of having to kiss a good male friend in a play — well done, Tonight Show pre-interviewer) below. We’ve also embedded White’s two-part conversation. Things we learn about Betty: She was asked to be the first female host of Today (but she turned down the job and it went to Barbara Walters). She gets at least part of her wit from mother (Leno showed a clip of Dinah Shore asking her what Betty was like as a child: “Well, she’s the same little beast that she is today,” she said). And it might be possible to shock her. Leno noted that she was doing Craig Ferguson’s show Thursday, and Betty said she wasn’t cheating on him. “As long as it’s above the waist, that’s all I ask,” Jay quipped. Cue Betty’s look.

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