Now that Miranda Lambert is finally getting some much-deserved commercial recognition, it looks like her label is a bit more willing to put some money into her music videos. She’s come a long way since “Me and Charlie Talking.” Yesterday, Lambert dropped a 1950s-inspired video for her latest single, “Only Prettier,” which features some of the sharp-mouthed singer’s best girl friends. In the clip are fellow country stars Kellie Pickler, Laura Bell Bundy, and Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott, and the four gals cheekily portray two different cliques of friends at a school dance.

You’ve got the chain-smoking, gum-smacking bad girls, and the poodle-skirted, giggly squares. Though the groups shoot daggers across the dance floor all night, as the lyrics suggest, they actually “have got a lot a common.” They just need a little spiked punch to realize it. Watching the singers dress up and poke fun at themselves is pure fun (Kellie Pickler is especially funny), and I’m glad to see these women treat each other as comrades, rather than competition. Part of what makes country music is great is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and this video is no exception. Watch it after the jump:

What do you think of Miranda Lambert’s latest video, Music Mixers? Do you like the comedic collaboration between these female country stars?

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