By Leah Greenblatt
Updated August 04, 2010 at 04:33 PM EDT

Image Credit: Tristan Gregory/Camera Press/Retna Ltd; Scott D. Smith/Retna LtdWatch your bony back, Gwyneth—there’s another singing actress at the rodeo, and she’s ready to “Pimp”-slap your “Country Strong” to the ground.

I kid! There’s room for more than one poreless movie star in the recording booth, of course. And they won’t exactly be competing for the same chunk of the music market with their respective songs; Eva Mendes, who will star as Will Ferrell’s hot-doctor wife in this weekend’s cop-buddy comedy The Other Guys, has made her own decidedly un-twangy contribution to the film’s soundtrack, with rapper/soul man/50% Gnarls Barkley-ian Cee Lo Green, and has it streaming here.

Fans of Shaft-style slow jams, hot Latina thespians, and men in fuchsia fun-fur coats who sell womens’ bodies for money while remaining proudly tear-free (yay for that Venn diagram!) will likely enjoy “Pimps Don’t Cry”; so, probably, will people who think comedy is funny.

But you tell us, readers, in the comments section below. Better than her sex tape?

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